"Thank you again for our beautiful painting of the City Club during our Wedding... We are very happy with the final product and are so glad we decided to have you paint at our wedding. We are excited that we will have this momento for the rest of our lives!" - M. & M. Fell, Bride and Groom

"The live painting was one of the most exciting parts about our wedding! We can't thank you enough for braving the heat and making our day so special! We decided to put the painting in our kitchen so we can see it everyday! :) " - E. Massey, Bride

"Ben...thank you SO much for making my 45th birthday so special. The gift of your painting from my boyfriend John was a complete surprise and brought tears to my eyes."
-Kellie Parsons Fiore, Coastline Travel Management, LLC

"Ben, the painting arrived and it is so beautiful we can't stop looking at it!! It is already hanging!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!! You are the best!!!!!"
- Susan Hancock Midkiff, Roanoke, Virginia

"We were able to deliver the "Room With a View" to Jen today.  She was so taken with it, she cried and said it is the first time in many years she has cried over a present.  When she opened it, she said "It's Riva and it's the view out our window! "
- Mike Haas, Wilmington, NC 

"You truly are the most wonderful artist to work with and both pieces we commissioned (the marina and the dog portrait) were exactly what we had hoped for. Knowing the artist adds a whole new meaning to paintings and they remain my favorite.  ...I can't thank you enough for being so patient and understanding... Already looking forward to the next painting!" 
- Natalie Joyce Wooten, Charleston, SC

"Just wanted to let you know that we hung the new original Ben Keys painting in a prominent place in our hallway, so we can see it every time we traverse up and down the stairs (which is many times a day!) We both absolutely love it.  We see more of the detail every time we look at it.  Thank you so much for doing this special project for us!  And making it so perfect!"
- Jan & Steve Capps, Wrightsville Beach, NC

"Wow!  Great job!  Mike Rooney was right, you were the man for the job.  It is nice to see how pleased Mr. Norris was with the finished work, too.  Looks like everyone is a winner with this project."
- Ray Voelpel, Tidewater Gallery,Swansboro, NC

"Wunderbar. You are to be congratulated on your painting of the Norris Homestead. Everybody I showed the painting had nothing but high praise. ...I will keep you in mind if ever I have another project that needs to be painted." 
- Donald Norris, Swansboro, NC 

"I am thrilled with the way the painting speaks to me... I do know that this painting will make our dwelling more special, more cozy, and more colorful." 
- Karen Leonard, Tennessee

"I want you to know that I thought about getting David Hockney posters (another favortie artist of mine) and I said to myself "NAAAA why have a Hockney when one can get a Keys!"
- Margie Dwight, McLean, VA

"It was so kind to do a painting of the home where I grew up, which has many significant memories.  As I move now toward putting my family's home on the market, I am grateful for the beautiful painting you did!  You were so gracious and patient in all aspects, from helping me with photography to discussing the size of the painting.  The painting is amazingly BEAUTIFUL, and it's a gift that I will continue to treasure!"  
- Haley C., Charlotte, NC 

"As a real estate agent/business owner, it's very important to make a lasting impression on my clients. Ben Keys did just that!! I had a closing on a lake front property, that still had the original homeowners. I asked Ben to paint a portrait of my clients home, which was given to them at closing. He did such a great job it left my client in tears. I believe he captured so many memories, for my client. Needless to say my clients still call me every month, and continue to send me referrals."
- Nilesh Jethwa, Real Estate Broker, Wilmington NC

"Now being the owner of 9 Ben Keys originals, I'd think that I'd have my fill. But some of these new ones on your site are so amazing and are a new direction that I feel I need to have too. The Daybreak series... WOW. I wish I could just get the whole series!"
-Jared Cullop,

"Love the painting of Lucas; you have such a gift. I smile every time I walk past my Ben Keys original. You continue to inspire me."
- Erin M.

"Perfection!!!! No kidding, that is incredible. EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was showing a client the earlier preview. She was amazed! I’m so lucky to have found you!!! ....I really can’t thank you enough for making this long-sought after-dream a reality. I can’t stop looking at it."
- John Mark, Home Portrait Client, Winston Salem, NC